Vegas 14 - update
Vegas Pro 14 - update (build 201)

New features of this Update
•Improved the Velocity envelope Set to functionality so that all points selected with the Envelope Selection tool will be set to the value entered for any of the other selected points
•Added functionality for reading and saving project media tags to HEVC and ProRes media
•Add new Velocity envelope presets (20% and 40%) to make working with high-frame-rate video easier
•Greatly increased the number of scripts that can be shown in the Scripts menu
•Added a general preference to allow users to enable legacy GPU rendering
•Expanded the low-end range of the sharpen effect to allow access to softer values
•Native support for reading ProRes 4444 files with full bit-depth
•ProRes rendering capabilities including presets
•Trimmer toolbar Add buttons and keyboard shortcuts now always honor the Trimmer in and out points
•Hover scrub improvements have been made to support quantization, snapping, and showing selection
•Support for reading HEVC hvc1 file variants

Bug Fixes
•Resample mode now respects the Start all new projects with these settings checkbox in Project Properties
•Loading multiple ProRes clips at the same time no longer crashes the application
•Custom keyboard mapping for scripts now persists
•Text that showed up badly cropped in the Titles & Text plug-in dialog box when running in Windows 7 now displays properly
•Undoing a change to project properties frame rate no longer prevents the timeline cursor from functioning properly
•Luminance values are now displayed properly for ProRes files
•Plugged a memory leak that occurred when loading multiple AVCHD or HDV files (fixed in previous update)
•Adjustments you make in the video event FX Curves panel are now saved properly
•ProRes files rendered from VEGAS Pro now properly report interlacing and audio information
•Removed a Render Alpha Channel checkbox that mistakenly appeared when rendering to a CineForm AVI file (which does not support an alpha channel)
•Hit Film Express interoperability is now functioning properly
•Media tags are now properly saved for Panasonic P2 files
•The update process now works without crashing in all upgrade scenarios
•VEGAS Pro no longer exhibits random crashes upon closing the application
•Help topic for Working with HFR broken link has been repaired
•VEGAS Pro no longer crashes when attempting to read ProRes HQ - 4096x2160-23.976p files
•HDV/AVCHD file loading is no longer significantly slowed in VEGAS Pro 14 compared to previous versions
•Quantize to Frame now work as expected when setting project video settings to match media, and project/clip frame rates differ
•Wavehammer Surround demo beeps are now properly removed from registered product
•The selection rectangle now shows up for each tool that includes a color picker.
•Fixed stuttering/judder issues related to playback/rendering of certain HEVC/ProRes files
Vegas Pro 14 - update (build 211)

•Added ProRes rendering options for 24p, 30p and 60p/I framerate.
•Adjusted the horizontal tolerance for Trimmer window hover scrub to make it easier to add the selected area to your timeline without inadvertently establishing a new selection.

Bug fixes
•Fixed stutter / judder issues playing back 23.97/29.97/59.94 frame rate ProRes / HEVC files
•Fixed video noise issues related to deep blacks / whites with ProRes files
•In the Color Curves plug-in, the channel settings now persist when you close and reopen the Video Event FX dialog box
•In the Color Curves plug-in, the Show all Channels checkbox now defaults to selected


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