Vegas Pro 16

New Features
  • Video stabilization has been completely redeveloped in house to provide far better stabilization results
  • Motion tracking enables the user to follow the motion of on-screen objects and apply video FX and filters to the moving area
  • Bezier Masking OFX plug-in provides complete flexibility in creating multiple masks with simple to complex shapes, apply masks to the media or video FX, and use a motion track to have the mask follow selected objects in the video
  • Project Media thumbnails now feature hover scrub so you can easily review media files without first adding them to the timeline or Trimmer
  • The user can mark in and out points on each clip in the Project Media window, then preview just the material between the two points and add just that material to the timeline
  • In and out points can be marked separately on the same media in different bins–especially important in the new storyboard bins
  • Project Media thumbnails can now be resized in order to see more detail in the thumbnail
  • You can now preview multiple files sequentially in the Project Media window (including the new storyboard bins) either by selecting no files (in which case they will all preview one after the other) or by selecting specific files (in which case, just those files will preview)
  • Significant workflow improvements have been added to the Project Media bin system in the Project Media window
  • You can now drag a project media bin (including the new Storyboard bins) to the timeline to add all of the contents of that bin sequentially to the timeline
  • More logically centralized tools for adding media to your project through the Project Media window
  • Quick Start dashboard provides quick access to major workflow operations
  • Added color swatches to the Device Preferences to provide a visual indication of the Interface Type preference
  • Tiny Planet OFX plug-in for creative treatment of regular and 360 footage
  • You can now easily add a missing audio or video stream back to your project automatically synchronized and grouped with its partner stream
  • A button has been added to the Render As dialog box to instantly set the render to location to match the project file location
  • Robust auto-save and backup options have been added so the user can specify how often they want their project saved or backups created
  • The user can generate automatic subtitle events on a new subtitle track from TXT and CSV files, including support for timecode in and out information in a CSV file so that the subtitles end up in the exact desired position
  • A new menu item allows the user to remove gaps between selected events
  • The user has an option to export HDR metadata in HEVC 32 bit projects which can then be ready by sites such as YouTube
Bug Fixes
  • Multiple project media bin bugs have been resolved
  • Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y functionality has been restored in the tree view of the Project Media window
  • RAM usage is now managed properly and efficiently in complex projects
  • Double-clicking on a media generator thumbnail now properly adds the generator to the timeline
  • You can now properly directly access the context menu for Text parameter keyframes and keyframes properly receive focus in all click cases
  • A blank window no longer appears when the "Swap for" folder contains no compatible files
  • Non-functional Help button no longer appears in Edit Visible Button Set dialog box
  • VEGAS no longer crashes when a group track is removed via scripting
  • The Render As dialog has been refined so that it no longer shows incorrect options of some file formats
  • Export to Media Composer/Pro Tools AAF no longer fails when the video track contains a still image
  • Export to Davinci Resolve now delivers tracks in the proper order
  • The Video scopes now properly reflect ACES color-managed output
  • The Render As dialog no longer becomes hidden in certain circumstances
  • The Internet HD 720p 29.97 fps (AMD VCE) template for the MAGIX AVC/AAC MP4 file format now correctly renders at 29.97 fps as expected
  • For scripting, the ExpandTrackGroup method in the TrackGroup class no longer incorrectly collapses a group if it already expanded
  • The LUT filter and other OFX plug-ins now properly recognize special characters in folder names
Mogliby W KOŃCU wprowadzić coś takeigo jak "sekwencje", czyli mówiąc inaczej "zakładki". A jeszcze inaczej mówiąc - dwie osie czasu, które moglibyśmy trzymać jedna nad drugą i z jednej przeciągać w drugą eventy.
[Obrazek: n13.gif]
Z tego co poczytałem, to motion tracking jest jakiś ubogi. Może być tylko zastosowany do efektów. Czyli można śledzić jakiś punkt i do tego punktu przypiąć jakiś efekt. Nie można przypiąć choćby obrazka. Chyba, że przypnie się efekt, który wczyta obrazek.


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